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What makes HGA so special?

One of the originals in the field of private care management

In-depth expertise and a market leader in advanced practice - an interdisciplinary clinical model in a private, free-standing setting

Recognized for having an innovative, holistic clinical approach combined with conservative business ethics.

Relied upon to be mature - embracing the big picture and the long-term view

True to the business model of the small, independent, discreet boutique

Giving individualized attention to detail and dignity

How will we benefit by using HGA?

Time savings for the decision-makers:  We supply decision-makers with the highest quality, researched information to allow them to make the best decisions in the most efficient and timely manner.

Independent opinions:  Our consultants have no vested interest in any of the products or services we may recommend. This means we are free to be highly selective in our advice and ensures there is no conflict of interest. Our vested interest is solely our client’s best interests.

We are valued for our third-party objective opinions in complex situations where there may be competing or differing opinions among family members and other decision-makers.

Multi-disciplinary:  Cognitive and behavioral changes may be caused by underlying physical problems and / or environmental changes.  As some physical conditions and treatments may have psychological effects or require alterations to the environment, we believe a multi-disciplinary clinical approach is essential to properly assess needs and ensure meaningful recommendations.

Our assessments and recommendations are holistic - taking into account the individual’s whole body and soul for health and comfort.  We assess the environment for safety and aesthetics. We fully appreciate the importance of the client’s social life in enhancing support and pleasure,  and endeavor to bring peace of mind to family, and collaborative relief to those who have responsibilities for the client’s welfare.

Major financial decisions about how and where to provide care should embrace the question of whether  the need for care is reversible or whether it will be an on-going process. Our multi-disciplinary approach enables us to collate the information needed to reach these vital decisions.

24/7 availability:  Each of our clients is assigned a primary care manager and a back-up care manager who are responsible for their clients on an around- the-clock basis to deal with urgent matters.  All our clients are known to our entire team - ensuring continuous, seamless care coverage.

Although HGA is not an emergency service, we are notified of all emergencies.  We subsequently keep the decision-makers fully informed if urgent decisions are required and provide updates on the client’s status and immediate treatment plans.

First-hand observations:  We go to where the client is - at home, in hospital, or in treatment program. We educate and manage care providers in the client’s home. And, if conditions allow, we can take you there too – via Skype or videos transmitted via the internet.

Solving special challenges:  We specialize in dealing with clients with complex medical and behavioral conditions; dually diagnosed mental health and substance-use problems; dementia; and late life planning and end-of-life concerns.

Customized services:  Each of our care plans is individually tailored to meet the preferences of our client – with built-in flexibility to accommodate the changing strengths and needs of the client. Although we are very sensitive to personal preferences and put special emphasis on creative approaches to enhancing quality of life, we are also very conscious of budgetary and logistical considerations. Ultimately, we base our proposals on realistically meeting the directions and aspirations of the authorizing persons.

Employ your own care team?  Should you wish to go down this route, we can recruit, screen, interview, and check the references and background of prospective caregiver employees - prior to their being informed of your family name or address.

If you wish to hire a home care agency to provide the workers, absorb the risk, and manage the payroll, we can give you expert advice on choosing a suitable agency and then work in conjunction with  that agency to individualize the selection of caregivers and enhance training and other requirements as necessary.

Realistic appraisals:  Our recommendations are based on decades of front-line and first-hand experience, and we are valued for our reputation for proffering humane and practical advice.

Reporting:  We are highly regarded for our formal written reports as well as the quality of our observations and relevant documentation to support our findings. Our reports are used in the law courts and by wealth managers and attorneys.

Collaboration:  Our primary aim is to give professional and care partners the information they need to do their very best for their client – providing added value to the treatment team and family circle.  We endeavor to mediate differences and enhance communication.

Executives in transition: When a highly-esteemed public figure displays signs of cognitive impairment, the situation must be handled with discretion, diplomacy and dignity. We have the expertise to help ease the revered person into a dignified new and quietly private lifestyle.


Serving families and professional wealth managers HGA
provides personal care consultation for the private banking clients of many major financial institutions.

HGA aims to serve the families and professional advisers of high net worth individuals, and assists this process by hosting a monthly forum to promote dialogue and education across the community of wealth managers and clinical professionals.