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We are here to help when personal care becomes an issue

THE need for discreet, high-quality personal health care is becoming a very important facet of contemporary life – accentuated by people generally living increasingly longer.

People needing personal care may be of any age – and frail, troubled, disabled, mentally ill or chemically dependent. Tackling and managing these complex personal or health care needs calls for a well-defined, all-embracing, helping strategy.

Finding the best solutions is a daunting challenge.  At award-winning Harriette Grooh & Associates Personal Care Consultants, we appreciate that each individual has a unique set of circumstances and requires a highly personalized combination of services.

Our ethos demands that each individual should be afforded an optimal experience of health, safety, comfort and dignity. And through our comprehensive knowledge of health care systems, we believe we are uniquely qualified to offer the best options for tailored, specific solutions for each individual client.

As licensed human services professionals, operating mainly through financial institutions or private attorneys, we ensure that each client is treated with the same professional discretion as you would expect from a physician and an attorney.

Serving families and professional wealth managers HGA provides personal care consultation for the private banking clients of many major financial institutions.

HGA aims to serve the families and professional advisers of high net worth individuals, and assists this process by hosting a monthly forum to promote dialogue and education across the community of wealth managers and clinical professionals.

Geriatric Care Manager NAPGCM Certified Fellow


HGA founder, Dr Harriette Grooh, has newly become a Fellow of the Leadership Academy.

The National Association of Professional Geriatric Care Managers confers this  prestigious fellowship only on those who have demonstrated themselves to be advanced practitioners and experts in the field of geriatric care management.

This title is highly valued by Fellows' clients, the communities they serve, their colleagues and their peers.

More information at www.caremanager.org/about/fellows/

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